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Baggie and Roll Wrap Organizer Bundle

Baggie and Roll Wrap Organizer Bundle

❌We are a home-based business with a family. Please allow up to a two week turnaround time frame (excluding weekends and holidays ❌

A bundle deal that includes a baggy organizer as well as a foil, wax and plastic organizer. These are great for your kitchen storage and organization.

The baggy organizer does not open. You will have to take the baggies out of their original box and put them into the slots on the front. The easy sliding zipper baggies will not fit in this particular organizer.

The foil organizer is the same, except the sides have holes that you will insert the rolls. There are teeth to tear the products off as needed.

There are keyholes on the back to hang or they can be placed in a drawer.

Dimensions for the baggy organizer is 11x11x3

Dimensions for the foil organizer is 11x13x3.25

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